Think Tank’s Airport Security V3.0 Photo Bag Review

ThinkTank Airport Security V3.0

ThinkTank’s Airport Security V3.0 Rolling Case — A Review

If you are like me, you have been through a number of gear bags over time, some great and others just not what you had hoped for. And while I am currently very happy with another ThinkTank product, the Shape Shifter 17V2.0, which I also did a video review on a while back. I always moaned thinkin of having to carry my camera backpack, as well as another backpack with other personal non-photo related items. I usually have a fair amount of gear to carry and doing so navigating airport terminals can be quite fatiguing.

Airport Security V3.0 to the Rescue

I believe the folks at ThinkTank have experienced this same issue, at least it seems. They have designed this roller case making air travel with your gear much more pleasant. Main features of this bag inclued:

  • A well designed interior that can hold a huge amount of gear and still meat carry on requirements for most airlines. Dimensions: 14x22x9
  • Padded laptop and tablet compartments, capable of holding 17″ computer and a 10″ taplet. While I typically don’t carry my computer or tablet this way, these compartments can be used in other ways.
  • TSA-accepted zipper locks and a cable with combination lock that allows you to lock you compartments and secure the bag to some object, like maybe the airport benches at the gate. I particularly like this because it would allow me to run across to grab a cup of coffee or snack without having to lug my gear with me.
  • There are actually three handles, top, bottom and side. This really makes it convenient and easy to grab and lift the bag in a number of circumstances
  • The roller wheels are of high quality and the telescoping handles very smooth to extend.

The image to the right shows how the inside is arranged as packaged. It is completely customizable depending on your needs.

After reconfiguring, I was able to get most of my gear in and still have room for another camera body and a couople more lenses.

Take a look at my video here for a much more in-depth review. Let me know what you think.

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