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Adding Depth and Context to Your Images

The Challenge One challenge we as photographers have in creating images that really engage the viewer is often related to our ability to convey a sense of depth in a medium that is only two-dimensional. That is not to say that a two-dimensional photograph cannot be effective. But often such images are intimate landscapes, or […]

Doctor’s Inlet and Little Black Creek…An Old Memory and a Roadside Branch

  Couple of times a year I try to get down to Orange Park, Florida to visit my  mom who turned 90 yrs old this past December.  She is doing quite well and I hope I have her energy and heath  when I get to her age, if I make it that long.  Orange Park […]

Maximize Effectiveness on Impromptu Photo Outing

  Arriving at my shooting location at James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife Area,  I could see that photographing the moon over the barn was not going to be an option this morning.  Well, just have to make the best of it.  Truth is, often what I expect or set out to photograph does not entirely […]