Image of Month January 2016

2015_12_Jacksonville_0005-Edit copy
River Dock Pilings in Pre-dawn Light :: Canon 5DSR, 25sec, f/22, ISO 100, 24-105mm @ 105mm


Now that the hustle and bustle of holidays are over I hope all had a wonder holiday season and are now ready to break out the cameras again for a new year of creativity and fun.  January is usually a month often not conducive getting out of bed early and venturing out in freezing weather,  at least not for anyone but the true hard-core.  Even I have to work up the motivation at times. 

This month though I am featuring an image taken a little farther south.  Maybe I am just trying to warm up a bit.  Anyway, this old river dock is located along the St. Johns River in Orange Park, Florida, just south of Jacksonville.  Taken just before sunrise I wanted this shot to take advantage of the soft morning glow and the still air to create a simple image that communicated the solitude of early morning along the river.  I knew that soon after sunrise the light would change drastically and morning breezes would quickly churn the waters of the river.  The mood would quickly fade.  Using a small aperture in this case was not needed to gain maximum depth of field.  But I wanted to smooth out as much of any movement in the water as possible by lengthening the exposure time so I went for f/22 and left my polarizing filter on to force another 1 ½ or 2 stops of exposure time.  This combination gave me a 25 sec exposure, enough to gain most of the effect I was looking for.

Just a note, I could have added a neutral density filter such as the Lee Big Stopper to force even a longer exposure (should have) but of course I was without it that morning.  However, using the polarizing filter for this purpose helps and this filter can be very useful for other things than darkening a blue sky.  These two other images captured during this same morning walk made getting up early worthwhile.  At least I had my Starbucks.2015_12_Jacksonville_00592015_12_Jacksonville_0015

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