Conkle’s Hollow in Hocking Hills

Conkle’s Hollow Gorge Trail

Conkle’s Hollow is comprised of 87 acres of lush Eastern Hemlocks, birch, ferns, wildflowers and towering Black Sandstone cliffs that surround what is said to be one of the deepest gorges in Ohio.   There are two trails at Conkle’s Hollow; Rim Trail and the lower Gorge Trail.

Small Flowing Water Fall in Conckles Hollow Sony A7R IV, 24-105mm G

Years ago, I used to photograph this area in both the Spring and Fall, mostly preferring the Rim Trail in the Fall because of its beautiful view of the valley adorned in fall color and the sandstone outcroppings along the gorge’s rim.  During these times I would seldom run across other hikers, having the place almost entirely to myself, especially during the early morning hours.

Two hundred feet below is the Gorge Trail, which on this short visit I explored to re-acquaint myself with this, one of the many photographic gems of Hocking County.

The Gorge trail is about a mile long and a very easy hike along an improved trail that even accommodates those of lesser abilities.  The trail is will offer numerous photographic opportunities during your hike, including various macro photography subjects such as ferns and wildflowers in season.  The gorge is strewn with rock from years of erosion of the sandstone cliffs and one large boulder, known as Slump Rock, located about ¾ mile down the trail.

Small Hemlock takes root on slump rock Sony A7R IV, Sony 24-105mm G

The trail slowly narrows to as little as 300 feet as you approach the end where you will see the small waterfalls.  On this occasion there was very little flowing water because of the time of year, and it was already beginning to ice over after a very cold few days and an overnight temp of only 3 degrees.  During the Spring, water flow should be much higher and can make for same great waterfall images.

Hope you can join us as we explore this entire region during our Hocking Hills Photography Workshop, May 11 – 15, 2020.    Could make an excellent Christmas Gift and would beIt will be an experience to remember.

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