2018 Looking Forward

Canon EOS 5DSR, .6 sec, f/22, EF 100-400L @ 370mm, ISO 100 Buttes looking East just outside Jackson, WY after an early dusting of snow.

Often we see the trend at year’s end  of reviewing the “best of”, “worst of”, the “review of” everything from movies, politics, the passing of famous persons, tweets, you name it. The list seems endless.  And of course we as photographers engage in this as we post or best (certainly not worst) images of the previous year.  Even Facebook offers a slide show of your work  or images for the previous year as an option to post to your Facebook timeline.  While there’s nothing wrong in my mind with this, I just didn’t feel motivated to follow the crowd this year.  Maybe I’m just too lazy to do the editorial review to come up with that list just for a one-day post to Facebook or elsewhere.

As I start this new year I will simply look forward to a path I hope to take with my work.   Maybe a kind of resolution but not in such a defining or absolute way.  Certainly I want to continue to grow and develop my creative eye and post processing skills.  By doing this it can only show up in the end product, the final image.  My work should continue to improve overall, which in turn provides fuel and motivation to continue to explore new techniques and further push the limits of photographic skills.

How might one proceed on such a path one might ask?  If you examined from a traditional “New Year’s resolution” standpoint, it may appear somewhat nebulous.  My intent though is to remain rather flexible because I am not sure what direction I will take as time moves forward.  Some considerations which I admonish young aspiring photographers to do certainly should apply.  These are valid in my view regardless of one’s skill level, particularly with regard to developing your creative eye.  That is, to study the work of other accomplished photographers and take lots of pictures.  Push the envelope, make mistakes and learn from both.

Other things I will no doubt focus on:

  • Focusing further on time-lapse techniques
  • Long exposure techniques
  • Reviewing increasing luminosity masking techniques
  • Increasing my YouTube segments to offer tutorials to other photographers
  • Expanding my workshop and seminar schedule

I hope you will continue to visit the blog , subscribe to my YouTube channel and FB page.  I am always interested in your feedback and any requests for tutorials in specific areas where you have an interest.  Maybe I might even have the honor of you attending one of my scheduled workshops for 2018′


     Kansas Night Sky at Castle Rock Badlands, March 17, 2018  Spring in the Missouri Ozarks, April 19 – 22, 2018   Oregon Coast, Bandon Oregon,  May 10-14, 2018  Oregon Coast, Cape Perpetua to Newport, May 17 -21, 2018  Kansas Night Sky at Castle Rock Badlands, June 8th and July 13th, 2018

  Persieds Meteor Shower over the Flint Hills of Kansas, August 11-12, 2018

   Fall Color in the Grand Tetons, September 25 – 29, 2018 

  Fall in the Missouri Ozarks, October 19 -22, 2018

  Big Sur Winter, December 8 – 11, 2018






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