A Few More of My Black and White Focus

Wyoming Aspens


A few months back I posted that I was going to lean toward returning to my black and white roots, that I would focus this year on my black and white work.  Now, I soon realized I could not do that in the purest sense.  I still must work in color as well to support demands of my photographic workshops.  But still I am committed to printing only my personal b/w work for any exhibit or simply my own personal enjoyment.  Here are a couple of images included in late work that I hope you enjoy.  Would love to hear what you think.


Falling Springs Mill, Missouri Ozarks


Haceta Head, Low Tide, Oregon Coast
Moulton Barn, Grand Tetons

4 Comments on “A Few More of My Black and White Focus

  1. Black and white has an abstract beauty to it no matter what the subject. I love all the images though I especially like numbers 2 & 3. I started out with black and white too and have been starting to go back to it also.

    • Thanks John. While I am still doing a lot of color work, mostly to promote my workshops and for other purposes, my love is BW. I just love the richness and timelessness of their feel. If I make a print for myself, it will most usually be B&W.

  2. Great photos Craig! Love the black and white images. I believe that mill is actually the Falling Spring Mill. Klepzig is located along Rocky Creek nearer to the town of Eminence Missouri.

    • You are correct, Lisa. I’ve been photographing the area for years. I just had Klepzig on my mind I guess. Thanks for bringing it to my attention so I can fix it. Klepzig is my favorite area in that area. Just had that on my brain I guess. 🙂

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